HR & Payroll Software

HR & Payroll Software

Nexus Microtech IT Limited is the best HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh. We are very much experienced around HR and Payroll software since 2016. In the meanwhile we are able to meet the client’s requirements and it’s really functional! Basically, a strategy for taking care of most of your fundamental HR record-keeping is the primary task of HR Software. This is also included with Payroll software and worker records. Without a program to deal with these procedures, your HR group will finish up investing most of their energy managing unimportant, repetitive data entry. While they need to invest time in genuine HR ventures, for example, thinking of approaches to build representative morale and profitability or new worker preparing programs. So, Nexus Microtech IT Limited. introduces you to the best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh. With our software solution, you can easily track leaves, customize rules and centralized whole information of your business.

Our Features Are:

1. Human Resource Management: Create organization hierarchies, customize the landing page and set structure and report rights for every client level. Create various HRIS reports utilizing the report generator and worker or employee search engine.

2. Recruitment Management: Recruit staffs by the sorting you desire on job sites to consequently download potential hopeful CVs and direct tests, interviews, produce offer letters and convert chosen competitor information into workers or employee within a short amount of time.

3. Attendance Management: Get continuous attendance information from any sort order, naturally, all around and figure late coming, early going and extra time approaches or overtime policies.

4. Leave Management: Nexus Microtech IT Limited HR programming has a worldwide leave module where you can set leave framework for any of your workers or employees and keep track of the leave all in one place.

5. Payroll Management: Regardless of whether you have the most mind complex finance on the planet, Nexus Microtech IT Limited. Payroll Management can deal with it easily. Make unlimited pay heads utilizing extremely amazing formulas and parameters to calculate credits, rewards, salaries, bonuses, loans and tax estimations.

6. Help desk Management: Any sort of work process demand issues can be raised, referred to the suitable representatives and its encouraging can be followed to see whether that issue is as yet resolved or hung up.

Say goodbye to the pressure, stress and hassle of business payroll and Human Resource system. Our all-in-one online HR and Payroll limits manual information passage, data entry, record keeping, and guarantees more accurate all over the payroll and HR solution. This can decrease the potential for mistakes and representative data releases and misfortunes, all while serving to significantly improved association inside the organization. Nexus Microtech IT Limited HR and Payroll software company in Bangladesh. We offers to learn the executives or employee frameworks that keep tabs on whole working units’ development through preparing modules. This software likewise refreshes the data to incorporate new qualification for positions and key perspectives that needed to be noted on the final recruitment program.