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Accounting and Inventory Management Software

Nexus Microtech IT Limited presents you the best accounting and Inventory Management Software in Bangladesh. We provide a complete solution for businesses with the most user-friendly User Interface (UI). We will make it easy to improve accounting accuracy, speed of completion, reduced overall costs and provide accurate reports. Not only that. Nexus Microtech IT Limited introduces you a hassle free and user-friendly inventory solution that will take your inventory management experience to a whole another level with tracking, reducing costs and delivery improvements and so on.

Our Features

With the accounting management system:

  • Improved Accounting Accuracy: Human error is a natural instinct. But don’t let this instinct hamper your business in accounting. Nexus Microtech IT Limited is ensuring you the most error-free and accurate accounting reports based on the data you feed it.
  • Completion Speed: With the system, Nexus Microtech IT Limited is providing, you will have much time spare after all the accounting parts. Our most advanced system will analyze and make reports for you in a very small amount of time so that you can buy some time in your business.
  • Reduce Cost: To reduce the account payroll and cost, Nexus Microtech IT Limited will be a helping hand for the accounting team to do more in a short amount of time and that will lead you to the potential goal of cost reduction.
  • Accurate Reports: Our accounting system will help your business to supply the necessary staff member’s accurate and timely financial information. You can also prepare the time routine for the delivery of the information as our system is heavily customizable.
  • Tax Filing: One of the most important terms for accounts of a business is the tax. This is a very complex process for all your business transactions. But with Nexus Microtech IT Limited you will have the benefits of filing tax and all the related issue and act properly according to your instructions.

With the inventory management system:

  • Tracking Your Inventory: you can keep track of your inventory and view the stock. Our system will help you the in-detail track of your inventory and will offer you the view of stock across your multiple sales channel. You can now easily define such questions related to your inventory.
  • Reduce the Cost: With Nexus Microtech IT Limited can also generate and control your stock report based on the analysis of your inventory. These reports will collect data of refunds, warranty, overloaded inventories and many more.
  • Delivery Improvement: We know how it is important for you to do fast delivery, because “Slow Delivery” means “Bad Reputation”, which you don’t want. Nexus Microtech IT Limited will help you pretty much on improving your delivery, because you know about stocks in details and can assume the customer expectations.
  • What’s Going on & What’s Coming: Making and managing plans will be much easier with Nexus Microtech IT Limited because you will be getting the access of the data trend and analyses them. A next generation inventory system will help you forecast the coming inventory stock.
  • Make Time for Business: Nexus Microtech IT Limited understands that time is money. So, does our Inventory Management System. Our advanced inventory system will reduce the spending of time by keeping track of all your products, reports and other whereabouts.

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